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A Simple Resource To Support Struggling Patients

WLS is a powerful tool to help patients manage their weight, however it certainly doesn’t solve all of their challenges. Many people who have had WLS can struggle with old self-destructive habits, lack of motivation, or balancing lifestyle changes with a busy life.  They may also face new challenges including relationship or self-image issues. 

Are you looking for simple resource to help support your patients to deal with the challenges that they face and to help them to create a personal action plan to prevent weight regain? 



Our 'Get Back On Track After Your Weight Loss Surgery' book is designed to do just that. It's a simple, effective resource that you can make available to struggling bariatric patients. It looks at how patients can make the necessary mindset changes to support their bariatric surgery.

The book is filled with empowering insights, strategies, tools, tips and activities and teaches patients:

  • the importance of goal setting and planning;
  • how to make health a priority;
  • how to create a supportive identity that will set them up for success;
  • the keys to breaking stubborn habits such as emotional eating; and
  • smart strategies around stress management, nutrition and movement.

Take Advantage Of Significant Clinic Discounts

Bariatric Clinics are eligible for significant discounts with wholesale orders of the 'Get Back On Track' book.

To be eligible for the discounted pricing, you must be a Bariatric Clinic or a practising dietitian specialising in bariatric surgery support and registered with ANZMOSS. 


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What People Are Saying:

"Thank you so much for your wonderful educational facility that you make available for our bariatric patients." Simone Launt-Peters, Dietitian

"With Fresh Start's help I was able to talk it through and recognise exactly what it was holding me back. Now I’m able to recognise my weight loss achievements and I feel confident that I’m going to achieve my goal of being healthy." Jane, Bariatric Patient

"Having a coach speak to me on the phone about the mental challenges, requiring me to answer questions honestly and thoughtfully, really gave me some perspective ... It made me stop and ponder, then take those thoughts forward with me." Julie, Bariatric Patient

"Thank you for the inspiration and motivation that you have provided me!" Jean, Bariatric Patient


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