Fresh Start

Support, Education and Coaching after Weight Loss Surgery 

As part of your surgical program with Dr David Links, you will receive Fresh Start. This is a comprehensive 2-year support, education and coaching program delivered before and after your surgery / procedure to assist you to create your new healthy lifestyle.

Watch this short welcome video, from Fresh Start's co-founder Amber Kay, to hear more about your program:


Weight Loss Surgery procedures are designed to help you manage your weight, and most people can expect a significant reduction. In order to sustain your results for the long-term however, you must also complement your surgery with necessary mindset and lifestyle changes.

Fresh Start is a comprehensive 2-year support, education and coaching program, with a wide range of program elements and resources, that focuses on helping you to create and sustain your new healthy lifestyle.

It is designed and delivered by an experienced, professional health coaching team who specialise in WLS coaching and support, and it will help you to achieve the weight, lifestyle and health results that you desire and deserve!

  • Get clear on exactly what you want to achieve in terms of your health and weight;
  • Create a new supportive identity for yourself that will support your success;
  • Break stubborn habits, such as emotional eating, and self-sabotage if they do come up;
  • Learn smart strategies around stress management, nutrition and movement; and
  • Feel confident and inspired about the future! 

What's included:

Live Interactive Group Webinars

Access to live interactive group coaching webinars which are run twice per month. These sessions are designed to keep you motivated and inspired and to assist you to make the most of your post-surgical journey. All webinars are also recorded and made available to you online.

Online Forum Support

An invitation to our private support forum (at around 3-months post-surgery) where you can ask questions, get additional support and personally share your experiences with fellow participants who are on the same journey and from our team of health coaches.

Healthy Lifestyle Resources

Powerful mindset and lifestyle coaching tools (videos and reflection activities) to assist with motivation, clearing old habits and busting old beliefs. 

Get Back On Track Online Program

Our comprehensive Get Back On Track Online Program, specifically designed for people who are experiencing weight regain or challenges.

Audio Resources

A wide range of downloadable audio resources including meditations, visualisations and hypnosis recordings. 

Bonus Resources

Bonus resources including recorded group workshops, interviews with successful participants who have achieved their weight and health goals so that you can find out exactly what they did and model their behaviour, and quick, easy and delicious healthy recipes to help you make the right food choices.

Access To Health Coaching

Optional additional private 1:1 coaching packages with Health Coaches specialising in bariatric support, at a discounted rate. 

What's Next?

Once you've booked your procedure and we've received your consent form, you'll be automatically enrolled on to the program. You'll then start to receive your resources and invitations to group support.


"I just joined one of your webinars. It was amazing!!! Thank you so much!!! Very useful and inspiring with lots of positive tips!" Tess

"What really helped me achieve the new me was the support and email classes from Fresh Start. I have had to learn how the new man thinks and after 50 years of bad eating habits, the retraining of the mind was Fresh Start’s biggest contribution. I tried new recipes and combinations, and discovered new exercises to fit into my life style. I have interacted with the online community and found that a source of motivation, recipes, hints and helps. I think Fresh Start helped to cement the decision to face the change." Scott

"I'd like to thank Fresh Start. This keeps me in touch with the other people who have had the surgery, and the reality of what one must do to keep achieving. Keep up the great work!" Alana

"With Fresh Start's help I was able to recognise exactly what it was holding me back. Now I’m able to recognise my weight loss achievements and I feel confident that I’m going to achieve my goal of being healthy." Jane

"I have found the program of great assistance. The recipes and nutrition guides have helped me to keep on track, and the mindset resources and exercise tips have really got me going! I have continued to lose weight, even 18 months after surgery, and I am now able to exercise freely, and I am attending a gym and aquarobics classes 4 times a week. This I would not have considered six months ago. So thank you. The program kept me focussed. I would certainly recommend it to others." Jenny

"Many thanks for all your support . It has made a substantially good impact on my health, as I have a much better idea of what to eat and what not to eat, how to and how much exercise to do, and no doubt, quite a few other things. I have received weekly emails with exercise programmes, recipes, mind-sets, and general coaching ideas to help me along the way, as well as being able to join the fortnightly group calls where you can talk to other people in the same situation as yourself. I have also been able to send emails specifically to Amber and Alex to get any answers to any problems that I have had along the way, and with no personal/family support, this has been a very valuable addition."  John

"I found the webinar very helpful. I learned the challenges will still be there but as long as we apply the provided techniques and stay focused we will be on track." Tracy

"I love the online private forum -  for its great support, advice and for providing a safe space to ask questions and share each other’s journeys." Carl

"I found the webinar very interesting. It was so amazing to chat with people from all over the place and hear about their different experiences and expectations following their surgery. Steve was extremely positive and he had some very useful information to share." Sandra

"What I found helpful from Fresh Start was the support I had as I negotiated the changes that were happening in my life. The workshops and the online group all helped as my body was changing and my eating and lifestyle were adapting to this healthy new life!" Sue

"Thank you for the inspiration and motivation that you have offered me over the last 2 years." Jeanette

"Just had a webinar with the super lovely man! It was amazing!!! Thank you so much!!! Very useful and inspiring with lots of positive tips! Cheers!" Tess


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