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Create Lasting Change After WLS

WLS is a powerful tool to help you manage your weight but it certainly doesn’t solve all of the challenges. Many people who have had WLS can struggle with old self-destructive habits, lack of motivation, or balancing lifestyle changes with a busy life.  They may also face new challenges including relationship or self-image issues. 

Are you looking for some additional support to deal with the challenges and to help you achieve and sustain your results?  Our coaches specialise in bariatric surgery mindset and lifestyle support and they understand the challenges that you’re going through. They have a deep desire to help you to create a new, more-empowered future, where you truly live a more enjoyable and healthier life. If you want to really transform your life after WLS and are struggling to do it by yourself, then our Stay On Track Coaching is for you.

Key Benefits

Gain Clarity Around What You Want To Achieve

Get clear and focused on the goals and objectives that will truly change your health.

Break Limitations

Understand what's currently blocking you and gain new strategies, tools and confidence to break through limitations.

Move Forwards

Renew your energy, improve your mindset and move towards your health and wellness goals with a plan that’s easy to follow and that inspires you.

Get Accountability

Tap into the power of accountability and support as you deal with the challenges with new courage, strength and passion.

Coaching Options:

Individual Session with a Fresh Start Coach


1 x 1-hr Coaching Session with a Fresh Start Coach (phone/zoom) to assist you to get clarity and motivation towards your health and weight loss goals and to address current challenges that are getting in your way.



Stay On Track Sessions with a Fresh Start Coach



1 x 30min Coaching Session per month with a Fresh Start Coach (phone/zoom) to assist you to move towards your health and weight loss goals and to address challenges as they arise.



Get Back On Track Coaching Package


1 x 1-hr Initial Coaching Session with a Fresh Start Coach

5 x 30-min Accountability Sessions (phone/zoom) to keep you accountable, on track and moving towards the new goals that you set in your initial coaching session.

Get Back On Track After WLS Online Program (valued at $320) - over 6 hours of videos filled with mind-shifting and empowering strategies, tools, tips and activities to help you get back on track.                                                      


What Clients Are Saying:

Before my coaching session with Amber I kept failing in all of my attempts at weight loss and couldn’t understand why. Amber helped me to see that I was always giving up before I had even started. It was all in the way I was thinking both consciously and unconsciously, setting myself up to fail. As a result of my session with Amber, I started to work on undoing all the negative thoughts I didn’t even know I had. I am now thinking positive and looking forward to achieving what I know now is an achievable goal. Thanks Amber!” Daniela, Bariatric Patient

"With Fresh Start's help I was able to talk it through and recognise exactly what it was holding me back. Now I’m able to recognise my weight loss achievements and I feel confident that I’m going to achieve my goal of being healthy." Jane, Bariatric Patient

"Having a coach speak to me on the phone about the mental challenges, requiring me to answer questions honestly and thoughtfully, really gave me some perspective ... It made me stop and ponder, then take those thoughts forward with me." Julie, Bariatric Patient

"Thank you for the inspiration and motivation that you have provided me!" Jean, Bariatric Patient

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