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Support Your Patients To Make Sustainable Lifestyle Changes


The Fresh Start Program specialises in helping Bariatric Clinics to lead the way in their field, by providing their patients with a comprehensive 2-year support, education and lifestyle coaching program, to assist them to create a new healthy lifestyle after surgery.

While Bariatric Surgery is a powerful tool to influence the volume of food consumed by patients, the procedures do not necessarily improve lifestyle factors including the quality of food and beverages consumed, dysfunctional eating and drinking patterns, sleep patterns, exercise levels or stress management. Many patients also face new issues adjusting to their post-surgical lifestyle, including relationship challenges and dealing with excess skin and self-image issues. These challenges can negatively impact on the long-term results of Bariatric Surgery.

Unless the patient embraces lifestyle changes and adjusts to any new challenges then the long-term effects of the Bariatric Surgery procedure may be limited or constrained.


Clinic Partnerships

The Fresh Start Program partners with Bariatric Clinics and supports their patients to create necessary lifestyle changes, to deal constructively with the new challenges that they now face and to adjust to their new life.

Our team of highly skilled allied health practitioners, including health coaches, dietitians, exercise physiologists and counsellors, provides a first-class support service.

The Fresh Start Program is proud to be partnered with the following leading clinics:

  • Dr David Martin, Martin Obesity Surgery, Strathfield (since 2010)
  • Dr Ian Martin, Martin Obesity Surgery, Auchenflower (since 2012)
  • Dr Andrew Russell, Rockhampton (since 2014)
  • Dr Peter Bovey, Townsville (since 2016)
  • Dr Ken Loi, St George Obesity Surgery, Kogarah (since 2017)
  • Dr Nicholas Williams, Riverina Bariatrics, Wagga Wagga (since 2017)
  • Dr Richard Harrison, Riverina Bariatrics, Wagga Wagga (since 2017)
  • Dr Craig Taylor, OClinic, Wollstonecraft (since 2018)
  • Dr Arun Dhir, Melbourne Gastro Surgery, Bundoora (since 2018)
  • Dr Ben Keong, Melbourne Gastro Surgery, Bundoora (since 2018)
  • Dr Jacob Vanyai, Melbourne Gastro Surgery, Bundoora (since 2018)
  • Dr John Jorgensen, St George Private Hospital (since 2018)
  • Dr Philip Le Page, Concorde (since 2019)
  • Dr Chandika Liyanage, Dubbo (since 2019)
  • Dr David Links, Randwick (since 2020)

In an increasingly competitive field, partnering with The Fresh Start Program will ensure that you lead the way in offering the most comprehensive level of ongoing post-surgical lifestyle support.

In a 2018 survey of patients enrolled on The Fresh Start Program with one of our clinic partners, the clinic received 107 questionnaire responses from patients who completed face-to-face workshops from October 2017 until November 2018. 100% of patients participating in the workshops indicated that they would ‘recommend the support sessions to another bariatric patient’ and the average rating for the session being ‘informative, enjoyable and valuable’ was 97.9%.  



Dr Andrew Russell, Bariatric Surgeon

The Fresh Start Program has bean a wonderful addition to my bariatric practice. I work in a regional centre and both my local and more remote patients have found this resource to be of great benefit. I have had nothing but positive feedback from patients regarding Fresh Start and would certainly recommend it as a great addition to a General Bariatric Practice

Erin Baker, Practice Manager

"I have found The Fresh Start Program to be a very helpful resource for our patients, that has only become bigger and better over the years since we started using the program. From an administration point of view, the process is very simple and streamlined and enrolling patients is easy. I would highly recommend The Fresh Start Program to any bariatric practice."

Dr Philip Le Page, Bariatric Surgeon

"Thank you to the Fresh Start Program for providing the best support possible for anyone undergoing weight loss surgery. I am a bariatric surgeon based in Sydney and I believe it is essential for patients having bariatric surgery to work on making changes to their past eating habits and help them adjust to a new lifestyle after surgery. The professional and caring service provided is first class and my patients have always provided very positive feedback to me." 

Cal Paterson, Clinical Psychologist

"We know that the journey doesn’t end when you leave the hospital ward, and the road for each patient is different. The best outcomes are achieved by clinics that integrate their medical expertise with psychology, dietetics, and exercise physiology, tailored to the individual needs of patients. The Fresh Start Program enhances patient support by providing an individual space for patients to build on the advice and guidance they have received, while reinforcing the advice of other experts. I believe this sort of comprehensive, unified and ongoing approach to patient support is best practice now, and should become standard practice for bariatric patients in future."

Simone Launt-Peters, Dietitian

“Thank you so much for your wonderful educational facility that you make available to our bariatric patients.”

Coaching Team

Amber Kay

Amber is co-author of "Get Back On Track After Your Weight Loss Surgery" and a qualified and experienced Mindset Coach specialising in Bariatric Surgery Support. Amber has over 20 years’ experience in training, coaching and human potential with an Honours degree in Psychology, and a Diploma in Coaching, and is an Associate Member of the Australian & New Zealand Metabolic and Obesity Surgery Society.

Amber is passionate about helping bariatric surgery patients to let go of disempowering habits and behaviour patterns, to transform their mindsets to truly value themselves and their health, and to realise their true potential and weight goals.

Alex Shirley

Alex is is co-author of "Get Back On Track After Your Weight Loss Surgery" and a Health and Wellness Coach specialising in Bariatric Surgery Support. Alex has a Masters in Health and Nutrition Education and over 14 years’ experience in the Health and Fitness Industry. He is an Associate Member of the Australian & New Zealand Metabolic and Obesity Surgery Society. 

Alex originally trained and worked as a Solicitor but left the world of corporate law to pursue his interest in health and wellness. With this background, he is very aware of the pressures involved in maintaining a balanced lifestyle and he uses this prior experience to provide clients with a highly professional service. 

Steve Kay

Steve is a qualified and experienced Counsellor specialising in Bariatric Surgery Support.   

Steve trained originally as a Health and Physical Education specialist and for the past 20 years, after achieving his Masters degree in Counselling, has worked extensively as a coach, counsellor and educator.  

Steve is committed to helping people to create and reach their ideal health vision so that they can enjoy a more fulfilling and rewarding life.

Linda Pinker

Linda is a Health and Wellness Coach and an accredited Exercise Physiologist. Since graduating in 2009, she has worked in a clinical setting, assisting a variety of clients with musculoskeletal rehabilitation and weight management. She presents lectures at James Cook University in these areas also.

Linda is passionate about wellness coaching and the potential benefits that clients can gain from this support system. She loves being active and assisting others to find the fun in physical activity.

Ellen Humphrey

Ellen is a certified Health and Wellness Coach specialising in Bariatric Surgery Support and a Program Administrator for The Fresh Start Program. With a background in dance and a love of nature and the outdoors, she enjoys assisting others to feel comfortable in their bodies and to feel the pleasure of moving with energy, confidence and freedom.

Ellen is passionate about a holistic approach to health and well-being, and enjoys encouraging and supporting others through their unique personal journey towards their most vital selves. 

Claudia Masina

Claudia is a licensed Health and Wellness Coach who is passionate about setting up others to achieve success in their health and wellness goals. Claudia has a decade of combined experience working within the corporate and high performance sport industries, which equips her to be highly responsive to challenging situations, and incorporates this perspective in all of her interactions.

Claudia brings a unique and professional approach to Wellness Coaching shaped by her experiences, interests and ongoing studies in Psychology.

Program Administrators

Rebecca Zmuda

Rebecca is a Program Administrator whose passion for wellness is founded in her own personal experiences of learning how important exercise, food and wellness is to maintain a healthy mind and lifestyle for her whole family.

She loves connecting with and assisting our clients, and is excited to be a part of a program that helps support people through their journey, to feel healthy, both mentally and physically, and guides people to gain the confidence and strength they need in order to believe that they are capable of achieving their current and future goals.

Download Your Free Clinic eGuide On Simple Ways To Further Support Your Patients

Discover some simple tools and strategies that you can easily start to use in your clinic to enhance your patient support.


Download Your Free Clinic eGuide:

5 Simple Ways To Further Support Your Patients

Discover some simple tools and strategies that you can easily start to use in your clinic to enhance your patient support.