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Support Your Patients To Make Sustainable Lifestyle Changes


The Fresh Start Program specialises in helping Bariatric Surgeons to lead the way in their field, by providing their patients with a comprehensive 2-year support, education and lifestyle coaching program, to assist them to create a new healthy lifestyle after their surgery.

While Bariatric Surgery procedures aim to influence the volume of food consumed by patients, the procedures do not necessarily improve lifestyle factors including the quality of food and beverages consumed, dysfunctional eating and drinking patterns, sleep patterns, exercise levels or stress management. Many patients also face new issues adjusting to their post-surgical lifestyle, including relationship challenges and dealing with excess skin and self-image issues. These challenges can negatively impact on the long-term results of Bariatric Surgery.

Unless the patient embraces lifestyle changes and adjusts to any new challenges then the long-term effects of the Bariatric Surgery procedure may be limited or constrained.

The Fresh Start Program therefore aims to support patients to create the necessary lifestyle changes, to deal constructively with the new challenges that they now face and to adjust to their new life.


The Fresh Start Program focuses on the mindset of creating lifestyle change because what we've found on our program is that although the strategy of what to eat and how to exercise is clearly important -  if patients are struggling, then the real problem is not a lack of knowledge about what they should be doing: the true obstacle is their mindset and they must get much more help with this to accompany their surgery.

In an increasingly competitive field, Bariatric Surgeons are able to stand out from their peers by providing this high level of support.

Surgeon Partners

The Fresh Start Program is proud to be partnered with the following leading clinics:

  • Dr David Martin, Strathfield (since 2010)
  • Dr Ian Martin, Auchenflower (since 2012)
  • Dr Andrew Russell, Rockhampton (since 2014)
  • Dr Peter Bovey, Townsville (since 2016)
  • Dr Ken Loi, Kogarah (since 2017)
  • Dr Nicholas Williams, Wagga Wagga (since 2017)
  • Dr Richard Harrison, Wagga Wagga (since 2017)

The Benefits of Coaching and Support

Coaching is an especially powerful methodology when it comes to stimulating individual behavioural change because it is focused on helping patients to grow into becoming experts in their own well-being.  Coaching assists patients to discover their strengths, to clarify their values, to increase their awareness, to set their priorities, to meet their challenges, to brainstorm possibilities and to design positive actions. This engagement enables patients to generate a new self-concept, to create new supports and environments and to take new actions. By empowering patients to find their own answers, through asking non-judgmental and provocative questions and offering powerful reflections, coaching becomes a catalyst for lasting change. 

Research has also shown that patients who have access to support networks are more successful with their weightloss and mental adjustment, especially on a long-term basis, than those who do not have access. So much so for example that the Centre of Excellence Award developed in 2005 by the American Society of Bariatric Surgery (ASBS) requires that all qualifying programs to provide long-term post-surgical support.

A 2015 survey of patients enrolled on The Fresh Start Program by a leading Sydney-based Bariatric Surgeon, found that 97% of patients wanted to keep the program as part of their surgical package and would recommend the program to others.

What Patients Receive:

Lifestyle Coaching

1-hr Private Coaching Session (phone/skype) to assist patients to get clarity and motivation towards their health and weight loss goals and, importantly, to help them move past any obstacles that are currently getting in their way;

Regular Face-to-Face Group Coaching Meetings and Phone Support Calls to keep patients motivated and inspired and to assist them to make the most of their post-surgical journey; and

Access to 10 minute (phone / skype) laser-coaching support each week to provide patients with ongoing coaching when they need it most.


In addition to the Coaching, patients will receive:

Lifetime Membership to our Private Support Forum where they can ask questions, get additional support and personally share their experiences with fellow participants and the Fresh Start team;

Access to interview recordings with participants who have achieved their weight and health goals so that patients can find out exactly what they did and model their behaviour; and

Weekday email support with a guaranteed response.




In addition to the Coaching and Support elements, patients will also receive 6 months of lifestyle education resources that include:

Powerful mindset tools to assist with motivation, clearing old habits and busting old beliefs;

Nutritional education and quick, easy and delicious healthy recipes to help patients make the right food choices; and

Strategies, tips and plans designed to make movement work for you, even if it hasn't in the past.



Dr Andrew Russell, Bariatric Surgeon

The Fresh Start program has bean a wonderful addition to my bariatric practice. I work in a regional centre and both my local and more remote patients have found this resource to be of great benefit. I have had nothing but positive feedback from patients regarding Fresh Start and would certainly recommend it as a great addition to a General Bariatric Practice

Erin Baker, Practice Manager

"I have found The Fresh Start Program to be a very helpful resource for our patients, that has only become bigger and better over the years since we started using the program. From an administration point of view, the process is very simple and streamlined and enrolling patients is easy. I would highly recommend The Fresh Start Program to any bariatric practice."

Cal Paterson, Clinical Psychologist

"We know that the journey doesn’t end when you leave the hospital ward, and the road for each patient is different. The best outcomes are achieved by clinics that integrate their medical expertise with psychology, dietetics, and exercise physiology, tailored to the individual needs of patients. The Fresh Start Program enhances patient support by providing an individual space for patients to build on the advice and guidance they have received, while reinforcing the advice of other experts. I believe this sort of comprehensive, unified and ongoing approach to patient support is best practice now, and should become standard practice for bariatric patients in future."

Simone Launt-Peters, Dietitian

“Thank you so much for your wonderful educational facility that you make available to our bariatric patients.”


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