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Breaking The Habit Of Evening Snacking

Oct 01, 2021

Do you struggle with a habit of unnecessary snacking in the evening?

Do you find yourself eating mindlessly late at night even though you know you’re not genuinely physically hungry?

Emotional / Mindless Eating is the most frequent challenge reported to us by our clients and this stubborn behaviour often takes place in the evening.

There are many strategies to help deal with this  and one is using hypnosis to help support the change in habits at a deeper, unconscious level.

We’ve created a relaxing hypnosis recording that you can listen to regularly to help you release and let go of this old habit and you can download the 20-minute recording here.

A word about hypnosis...

Hypnosis is a state of deep relaxation or 'trance' - it is that state between waking and sleeping, and we go into this hypnotic state many times a day e.g. when driving a car where we arrive at our destination and aren't sure how we got there, or when we are deeply absorbed in a movie and a loud noise makes us jump. 

Hypnosis is a powerful and very gentle tool that you can use to create positive change in your life because when we’re super relaxed and in trance, the doors to our unconscious mind, which is responsible for most of our decisions and actions… become open. And so we become open to suggestions.

Hypnosis is not something that someone can do to you. It is something that you do to yourself, in putting yourself into a deeply relaxed state. In hypnosis, you are not under the control of the hypnotist. A hypnotist simply serves as a facilitator to guide you and make positive suggestions. No one can control your mind except you. If you hear a suggestion that you don't agree with, or don't understand, your unconscious mind will automatically reject it. 

People often fear that being hypnotised will make them lose control, surrender their will, and result in their being dominated, but a hypnotic state is not the same thing as gullibility or weakness. You can come out of a hypnotic state anytime you want or need to, and most people enjoy the feeling of being in a hypnotic trance as it is such a relaxing and pleasant experience.

So, please enjoy this hypnosis recording with our compliments as it's designed to serve you at the highest and also deepest level. 

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